About Us

Dealers in supply of quality industrial chemicals.

Kenrom Chemicals Limited was formed in 2015 by its two directors; Mr. Fred Bukenya, Mr. Robert Muyingo and other two minors. At the time, these two would purchase the products that are now produced by the company from manufacturers within the country and the resell them at a profit. Later on, the idea of production was introduced to the two directors and they decided to invest their available resources to the construction of the plant. These proprietors have built the reputation of Kenrom Chemicals Limited, on the cornerstones of providing high quality products, customer satisfaction, and superior service.

The company is an all-round chemical private established company in Uganda fully specialized in the manufacture and supply of industrial and institutional chemicals. The company’s activities are dedicated to the industrial sector in its large scale and offers an all-inclusive service, right from problem identification to onsite deliveries.

The company, has so far made a revolution in the chemical industry sector of Uganda by the range of products and the services, offered to customers, ranging from competitive sourcing to the supply of appropriate solutions that meet all customers’ needs focusing on the decrease of costs/ risks of production.

Today, Kenrom Chemicals Limited maintains 3500 square feet of its manufacturing facility, at Kyengera a suburb of Kampala City. Of this available space, only 60% is currently utilized for production, implying we still have room for production. And most of the company’s supplies are within the country, although there are supplies, that are made to the rest of the East African countries and to DRC

Kenrom Chemicals Limited, produces a wide range of chemicals for its customers, and has established production contracts with reputable manufacturing companies within the country and East Africa at large, like Diversy East and Central Africa limited and others. This has given the company a solid financial and production base for its operations.

Way of doing business

It’s now five years of product production, Kenrom Chemicals Limited is supposed by many within the country to be one of the leading manufacturers of industrial chemicals locally.

Customers recognize the need for sound quality assurance in the selection of product manufacturers. This requires determining a level of quality assurance that is definite as the products themselves. To meet this need, the international Standards Organization, developed the (ISO) 9000 series as an international standard of quality management. Kenrom Chemicals Limited has proudly certified their quality management system to the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015. Our commitment to quality and continual improvement is further reflected in the company quality policy.

Like many reputable corporations, the company has a well-established organizational structure, for which the systems of the operations of each of the departments are documented by the company’s management.

Our Organizational Chart