Liquid caustic 48-50%

Liquid caustic or lye solution as commonly known is obtained by dilution of caustic soda with water. Caustic is a highly alkali substance with a pH greater than 12 and an SG of 1.5.  It is an odorless, clear colorless liquid, it is highly corrosive and can corrode metals and cause burns to the skin and body tissues.

Lye finds its application in food and beverage industries as a cleaning chemical.

Properties and applications

  • fulfills the requirements of the latest edition of European Pharmacopoeia;
  • used for the production of aluminium in the steel and metallurgical industries;
  • paper production;
  • refining of crude oil, mineral oils in the petrochemical industry;
  • in the cosmetics industry – production of hard (sodium) soap, washing detergents, exfoliating masks;
  • industrial cleaning;
  • component of several plasticisers in the construction industry;
  • pH regulation in water treatment processes;
  • raw material in the manufacture of pigments and dyes for paints;
  • pharmaceuticals and chemical industries;
  • cleaning and disinfection in animal breeding and beekeeping;
  • combating diseases and protecting plants in fruit growing;